spot anthracnose

spot anthracnose
пятнистый антракноз (возбудитель Elsinoe sphaceloma)
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пятнистый антракноз

English-russian biological dictionary. 2013.

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  • spot anthracnose — noun : any of several plant diseases characterized by light colored spots with tissue overgrowth forming a raised border; specifically : such a disease caused by fungi of the genus Sphaceloma or its perfect stage Elsinoë …   Useful english dictionary

  • ring spot — noun 1. : a lesion of plant tissue consisting of yellowish, purplish, or necrotic, often concentric rings 2. : any plant disease of which ring spots are the characteristic lesion: as a. : a virus disease of tobacco and related plants producing… …   Useful english dictionary

  • currant leaf spot — noun : any of three fungous diseases of the currant: a. : an angular leaf spot caused by an imperfect fungus (Cercospora angulata) b. : an anthracnose characterized by small brownish or black spots and caused by a discomycete (Pseudopeziza ribis) …   Useful english dictionary

  • apple anthracnose — noun : a disease of the apple, pear, and quince in the Pacific coast region of northwestern America caused by a fungus (Neofabraea malicorticis) producing limb cankers and especially after storage a rot of the fruit called also black spot …   Useful english dictionary

  • pod spot — noun : a brownish spotting of bean pods caused by the anthracnose fungus …   Useful english dictionary

  • Cornus florida — Flowering Dogwood in fall with fruit Scientific classification Kingdom: Plantae …   Wikipedia

  • АНТРАКНОЗ ВИНОГРАДА ПЯТНИСТЫЙ — англ.bird s eye rot of vine grape; black spot of vine grape; spot anthracnose of vine grape нем.Fleckenanthraknose, Weinstock; Schwindpocken, Weinstock; Vogelaugenkrankheit, Weinstock; schwarzer Brenner, Weinstock франц.anthracnose maculée… …   Фитопатологический словарь-справочник

  • АНТРАКНОЗ АЙВЫ ПЯТНИСТЫЙ — англ.spot anthracnose of quince нем.fleckige Anthraknose, Quitte франц.anthracnose tachetée du cognassier возбудитель:Elsinoë piri (Woron.) Jenk. см …   Фитопатологический словарь-справочник

  • АНТРАКНОЗ ГРАНАТА ПЯТНИСТЫЙ — англ.spot anthracnose of pomegranate нем.Fleckenanthraknose, Granatapfelbaum франц.anthracnose tachetée du grenadier возбудитель:Sphaceloma punicae Bitanc. et Jenk. см …   Фитопатологический словарь-справочник

  • АНТРАКНОЗ КРЫЖОВНИКА ПЯТНИСТЫЙ — англ.spot anthracnose of gooseberry нем.Fleckenanthraknose, Stachelbeere франц.anthracnose maculée du groseillier épineux возбудитель:Sphaceloma ribis Bitanc. et Jenk. см …   Фитопатологический словарь-справочник

  • АНТРАКНОЗ МАНГО ПЯТНИСТЫЙ — англ.scab of mango; spot anthracnose of mango нем.Fleckenanthraknose, Mangobaum франц.anthracnose tachetée du manguier возбудитель:Elsinoë mangiferae Bitanc. et Jenk. см …   Фитопатологический словарь-справочник

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